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Are there online slot strategies?

Let’s start right away with a fundamental point: while it is true that there are no real tricks for winning, this does not mean that it is not possible to follow slot machine strategies capable of significantly increasing the chances of achieving major winnings. Of course, we are not talking about magic formulas – that would be too simple! – but of expedients that if adopted correctly will take effect in the medium/long term and that first consist in knowing perfectly the mechanisms that regulate video slots.

Try the slots for free

First of all, it is essential to try a wide variety of the titles on the market: today all the best online slot sites provide a free demo mode where you can spin the reels without affecting your budget, an option that will allow us to evaluate a machine not only from a merely technical point of view – graphics, sound, theme – but also to get to know the different mechanics and features proposed by the various software providers and to perceive fundamental characteristics such as Volatility, which greatly affects the gameplay and the style of play that you need to adopt.

Use the bonuses offered by casinos

bonuses offered by casinos

the next step is usually to study the various slot promotions offered by the different online casinos: these often include percentage bonuses on the first deposit, a certain number of Free Spins or cashback on any losses. Reserved for new players, certain titles or anyone who wants to try their hand at reels and symbols, these incentives often come in the form of “fun bonuses” that must be redeemed before they are withdrawable (wagering) but allow you to try your hand at the titles right away and lower the actual cost of a spin, consequently increasing the value of any winnings.

Studying Volatility

Getting to know online slot machines thoroughly also allows you to better evaluate technical characteristics such as Volatility and RTP. The former, as we have already mentioned, determines the style of play you need to adopt: generally titles with low volatility offer lower maximum payouts than those with high volatility but more frequent, while there is no shortage of titles that fall somewhere in between. Would you rather try your luck with a few single spins or try to build your winnings round after round?

…and the RTP value: The choice of the most suitable volatility for you will depend on this, while the “Return To Player” (“Return To Player” or precisely RTP) value is expressed as a percentage and indicates how much in theory a given slot allows you to win compared to how much it collects: for example, a value of 96% means that theoretically out of 100 € the machine will retain for the casino 4 €. We are talking about much more complex calculations of course, but the meaning does not change: the higher the RTP value, the greater the chances of winning. And it is therefore recommended to play titles where this is high because these are often slots that pay more.

Define a budget and stick to it

Define a budget

Determining in advance how much you intend to invest is a valid strategy for all games of chance and, of course, even if we are talking about slot machines or video slots: given that it is essential to always adopt the principles of Responsible Gaming, and therefore to play only what we can afford without exceeding the established budget, it is important to adapt the latter to our playing style. Assigning a high value to individual spins is a “do or die” tactic not suitable for players who prefer to keep the reels rolling for a long time and who will therefore prefer to bet less on each spin going eventually to increase the stake in case of wins.

Whatever our playing style, it is important to adapt it to the available budget, which must be established before playing and respected to the penny despite the excitement of the moment or the possible winnings that may seem just around the corner. This is a fundamental slot strategy, which if followed to the letter will allow us to play without taking risks and therefore with peace of mind.

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