Blackjack strategy
Blackjack rules

Blackjack strategy online and offline

The rules and the odds are just as good and bad in the casino as they are with live dealers online. So, when we play in the online casino, we can follow the same strategy as usual.

The strategic direction

You should always be aware that you can win or lose. Also bad luck streaks or runs with many wins are always possible.

That is why we recommend:

  • Adjust the round stake to the game budget
  • and always keep a cool head instead of trying to force luck.


There are a number of maneuvers during the current game that go beyond drawing or declining another card:

  • Splitting: The split can be applied when the two basic cards form a pair ( for example, two Jacks). You then have to pay your base bet again and compete against the dealer with two hands. Note: If you split two Aces, you may only draw one more card each.
  • Double Down: In Double Down, you can double your bet after receiving the starting cards. After that, the rule in Blackjack is that you must draw exactly one more card.
  • Surrender: In Surrender, you can give up after receiving the two starting cards. As a consolation, you lose only half of your bet, the other half you can keep.

Blackjack Table

Blackjack Table

Within a single game, you never know which decision is the right one. Even if you make the most sensible decision from a mathematical point of view, you can still be very unlucky. Conversely, a less than optimal decision can also lead to a win against the dealer.

However, the statistical values of the table can definitely be helpful, for example, when playing a soft hand (if you have an ace). We have summarized the most important findings of the blackjack table in a separate article.

Card counting (online and offline) in blackjack

There is a trick that is famous in blackjack: it is about card counting. It is legal, but not very easy to apply. In simpler terms, it is a matter of paying attention to which cards are or were already face up in the game. From this you can draw conclusions about the probability of the cards that are still face down to have a high or low value.

In Hi-Lo card counting, one analyzes how many high or low cards are already out of the game. If there are many high cards face up, the probability of drawing a lower card yourself increases. However, there are 312 cards in blackjack. Major statistical changes can only occur when a corresponding number of cards have been revealed.

Tricks and Strategies

Tricks and Strategies

Many casino tricks like the Martingale strategy and the 1326 system were originally developed for roulette, but can be perfectly applied to blackjack as well.

But beware: these are all very cool gimmicks, but in the end they do not lead to a sure win.

Blackjack side bets

Another eternal question is that of side and additional bets, such as:

  • Perfect Pair
  • 21 plus 3
  • Lucky Ladies
  • Ace Insurance

These blackjack sidebets are an exciting gimmick, which are also optionally offered online at some tables. However, we cannot really recommend them.

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