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Make money with sports betting: The 3 golden rules

In our sports betting comparison, we evaluated various expert interviews and also scoured the internet for really helpful suggestions. That’s why we can present you with the three most important tips for making money with sports betting. These should become second nature to you as the basics.

It is best to take the following lines as the first tutorial and then build your personal strategy on them. Below are more in-depth tips.

Always keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you can get rich with sports tips!

  1. Betting is gambling with a skill component.
  2. Mathematical understanding is a must.
  3. Emotions must be left out.

Rule 1: A sports bet is not a game of chance, a Bundesliga game is

Almost all sports betting fans think wrong and always have fun with it, but never really success. Every well thought out, successful sports bet is based on a decision, which in turn is based on previous analysis and lots of experience.

The most important thing you can learn from this article: There are no winning streaks in sports betting.

Happiness serves to describe things that are not in our control. Any football game can be viewed as a kind of random experiment and treated accordingly. Before kick-off, both teams develop a certain strength through the general environment, the squad or individual training sessions.

At the start of the game, for example, Bayern Munich with a strength of 100 competes against Werder Bremen with a strength of 35. Nobody can predict exactly what will happen on the pitch.

Experts aren’t fortune tellers, they’re probability interpreters.

A ball may hit the bar instead of the goal, maybe the goalkeeper gets injured. The only important thing for you is that the probability was 100 to 35 that Bayern would win today.

The basis for professional betting and a successful betting strategy is to find out these team strengths better than the bookmaker through your own research and good analysis. Then you have an advantage that you can turn into money.

Rule 2: It doesn’t work without a mathematical understanding

Rule 2

In addition to specialist knowledge, your tools of the trade are, above all, mathematics. In contrast to poker, where a lot is also about intuition and skill, it is the numbers that count in successful sports betting.

But there are a few more things to consider:

  • You need a basic knowledge of mathematics and statistics.
  • At the same time, you must learn to think like an accountant.
  • You have to derive probabilities from the odds.
  • Calculate the bookmaker advantages and pay attention to the betting tax.
  • Check different providers for the best odds.

When placing a sports bet, accounting plays a particularly important role, so the betting manager is advantageous. It is best to create Excel spreadsheets and computer formulas for your betting model.

It may feel overwhelming at first because it doesn’t fit your action-packed passion at all, but with time and success you’ll find fun in this new approach.

Of course, you can also consult expert tips. KickForm provides very practical and free help for successful bets. This scientific tool uses mathematical formulas to calculate the outcome of football matches from the major leagues and major competitions. Along with some basic betting strategies, you’re all set.

Rule 3: Emotions have no place in the betting career

Analysis and statistics connect you with the bets, but you have to show the necessary discipline yourself. Just turn on the computer and gamble is the wrong way to make a profit. Every sports bet is a business decision!

If you gamble, you won’t end up making money with bets in the long run! The more disciplined you bet and the more intensively you get into the matter, the finer your decisions will be. This requires persistence and isn’t as casual as it always sounds when betting pros talk about it.

The next extremely important finding from this article follows directly from this: There is no gut feeling.

Emotions play an important role in sport, but they should never dictate your decisions. It doesn’t matter what your gut tells you if the numbers don’t back it up. Sports betting is completely devoid of feelings and intuition.

3 Key Conclusions About The Golden Rules

  1. Every sporting event (and therefore every sports bet) involves luck. A long-term strategy, on the other hand, is based on thorough research and probability interpretation.
  2. Sound bankroll management and stake capital calculations are essential.
  3. Emotional decisions are not decisions, but hopes.

Earn money systematically with sports betting: You have to master these basic rules

Now that you have some kind of structure, we can move from the abstract level more into everyday life and look at some expert tips. There is no getting around the golden rules. But what follows now are empirical values  and general principles that you can also incorporate differently into your personal betting model.

You must find the path that suits your character and skills. It helps if you follow (some) strategy at the beginning, then analyze it after a few weeks and, if necessary, completely throw it overboard. The knowledge gained will ultimately help you the next time you try and at some point you will be “in”.

The right bankroll brings returns

The right bankroll brings returns

It is imperative to pay attention to healthy money management, which includes consistent administration of your bankroll. You are your own boss. Amounts on your betting account are part of your own assets.

Money management tips:

You have to set a limit because only part of your wealth should be free for sports betting. Make an honest calculation and check how much money you can lose in extreme cases to still cover everyday costs.

A good starting value can be one tenth. For example, if you have 3,000 euros a month, you can use 300 euros for sports betting and not suffer a shipwreck.

You should then only bet a few percent of the bankroll itself on a single bet. The more confident you are through expertise and analysis, the more you can bet.

No matter how good the odds are, you should never risk all your money in one fell swoop. Instead, you can place multiple small bets. At the end of the month it’s all about making a profit across all bets anyway.

The right bet brings value

Two terms keep popping up in this context: sure bets and value bets.

Sure bets or surebets 

are called sure bets. It’s really like this: No matter how the encounter ends, you always win.

Of course, this is not possible with a single bookmaker. You have to use several bookmakers for this, often smaller and unknown providers. They often assess the performance levels of the teams or solo athletes very differently, which leads to fluctuations in quotas. If you use this cleverly, you can sit back and relax and wait for the outcome because you have covered all options with your sure bets.

Surebets (also known as arbitrage bets) are rare in practice and require a lot of research.

But what you need if you want to systematically earn money with sports betting are value bets.

Value bets 

are particularly valuable betting odds that pay out far more money than your assumed odds.

Here’s an example: If you think that Dortmund wins 50 percent of the time, but you’re offered a 3.0 instead of a 2.0, then that’s a clear value bet on which you can put a lot of money (but never more than 5 percent of your bankroll). This is where your preparation pays off. Of course, there is no guarantee that you will be able to earn money with football betting. But your chances of a high profit are better.

The provider Trademate Sports promises to track down the best value bets from at least 60 well-known bookmakers. Definitely worth a look!

The right type of bet minimizes the luck factor

Your means of choice should be single bets. Here you can make pretty accurate predictions and don’t take the risk of a big combination bet.

Pro bettors avoid compound betting almost entirely. While these have significantly higher odds and look tempting, you can also lose a lot more.

In addition to outcome bets, you should look out for binary options in particular. Over/under is relatively easy to estimate. If it means more or less than 3.5 goals, a lot can be deduced from the statistics of both teams.

You should stay away from pure luck bets, such as bets on the next throw-in or in which minute a goal will be scored.

Live bets are an absolute taboo for you in this context! Here the odds are usually much worse than pre-match picks – and this is particularly evident in lucky bets. Whether Gladbach or Wolfsburg has the next throw-in should be close to 2.0 on both sides, but the standard here is more like 1.8 and quite a loss in the long run.

The right odds are not too low

You’ve been looking for the highest odds in your bookie portfolio, but should you bet on the favorites or the underdogs?

Under no circumstances should you bet on your favorite club. You can play more bets on your favorite team because you certainly know more about them, but you always have to remain neutral.

You should rarely rely on top favorites. Usually the favorite will win and you get a small prize.

However, the rate is often so low that typing is hardly worthwhile. For example, if you bet on a home win for FC Bayern against an underdog, the bookmaker will reward you with odds of 1.1. This means you bet 100 euros and get 110 euros back. If you deduct the German betting tax of five percent, you get a plus of 4.50 euros.

Do you really risk 100 euros for this? And what if it suddenly rains and a top player gets injured? Favorite odds are also reduced by a few percent due to the reputation of the clubs and the large number of bets placed.

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